Uchimizu in Akiba and Eclipse-climb summary

I’m reposting my last two contributions for the Metpod, as I know most mumblers don’t listen to it what with it being made for people living in Tokyo and all.

We’ll start with my most recent contribution, talking about the Uchimizu performance that went on last weekend in Akiba (to play it without leaving this page see the little grey player below)

Uchimizu in Akiba 3.5mb MP3

Next up, my summary of the Mt Fuji hike which went out last week.

I’m enjoying creating these. I like the time limit, and the necessity for a script. I feel it’s good practice.


Catching up on a backlog of minor editing / blogging jobs this evening. It’s neverending!


Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 1

I remembered tonight that I’d registered The Daily Mumble in iTunes – meaning it easier to subscribe to it as a podcast. It’s an experiment.

As you know, I’m doing weekly technology / Akiba sections for the Metropolis Magazine Podcast – the Metpod, but I know that some people are not big fans of podcasts …so I thought I’d repost my sections here after they’ve gone out in the Metpod.

I’ve got a bit of a backlog, so I’ll be posting 4 episodes tonight.

This first one was a pilot. In it I talked about the USB spy cameras that featured in a Japan Podshow video.

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