Google Goggles: makes me feel I am living in the future

I’ve lost count of the number of times this year I’ve been blown away by some new form of technology. There’s been the iPhone, the iPad, the Love+ app for iPad & iPhone.

It happened again tonight: I’m watching a DVD with a friend. It’s set in England. There’s a scene filmed in the grounds of some huge house. My friend asks me, ‘What’s the name of the name of that house? I have no idea. But hang on, I can tell you.

Out comes the iPhone – I launch the Google app, and tap on the photo option for search (Google Goggles). I take a photo of the computer screen, the DVD having been paused on the image of the house.

Less than 2 seconds later Google has processed the image, and tells me that it’s Somerset House, London.

OMG. I really am living in the future.

N.b. Google Goggles doesn’t always get it right. I took a photo of myself and it came up with this match.