My 12th Tokyo Marathon was like no other – a very quiet one with no cheering, due to coronavirus, but that also felt appropriate. I was glad that my charity donation went to the UNHCR. Really appreciated all the support, online and in person – THANK YOU! 12回目の東京マラソンは、これまでと全く違った雰囲気でした。コロナ禍なので声援が少なく、とても静かでした。世界情勢からも、それは適切だったのかもしれません。今回よチャリティランではUNHCR国連難民高等弁務官事務所 に寄付をしていたので本当に良かったです。 みなさんの応援、本当に感謝しています。 ありがとうございました!

A chilly 22km straight line! Running is at least 80% mental, so I try to employ various tricks to help myself cover the distance. Today, I was feeling really tired, but needed to get the distance in with the marathon only five weeks away. The idea behind this run was to take the train out west, and then basically run towards home, following the train line. That meant that I was always running towards things that I like (family, warm, shower, food) and I didn’t have to expend any mental energy on checking my route as I could just follow the train line. It worked (although I fell asleep on the train out there!), and I felt energized all the way, until the pain in my knee stopped me. Just need to keep on training, stretching, and hoping the weather won’t be too cold on March 6th. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ #tokyomarathon

Back on the road after an intense two weeks of shoots and stuff! Kitanomaru park is now host to not only an Olympic venue, but also a mass vaccination site. Great to see the pace picking up, with over 1 million shots being administered in Japan every day, and the data showing results – infection rates in healthcare workers and seniors way down compared to previous highs. And, we’re delighted to finally have our vaccinations booked, 2nd July and 30th July. Thank you scientists and all those involved in making it happen 😀