Faulty Nuts

It’s worth complaining in Japan. Last week, we bought some butter peanuts. They were very nice …apart from two of them which seemed to be kind of burnt in the middle. I didn’t really think much of it, but *Twinkle* insisted that we send the remaining few peanuts back to the manufacturer. So we did. […]

How to regain inches lost to shrinkage – no chemicals required

Last week, I put my Dry Clean Only trousers in the washing machine. I didn’t think anything of it – labels are there to be ignored, right? Surely, being washed in a washing machine is one of the funnest times in a pair of trousers’ life. Who am I to deny them that pleasure. I […]

Brandon Steep hit the shelves at HMV Japan

It’s so good to see your friends doing well. The Kirk family have been good friends of mine for about 20 years. My trip to Islay (Scotland) to visit them 17 years ago was probably my first ever ‘big’ trip somewhere by myself. Later, they were kind enough to let me live with them for […]

Lock and Lock changed my life

Tuppa was never our household’s strong point.when we lived in Sheffield, we had these nasty little tubs with lids that had a habit of cracking. Whilst we did invest in some slightly higher quality recepticles, they didn’t last long, getting fried in a microwave at a Japan Soc food party. Things didn’t improve much last […]