Video Exclusive: Susan Boyle sings live on a Tokyo commuter train

Having bought the most amazing computer in the whole world ever, I realised I needed to push myself beyond the confines of email and random web surfing, and into production, in order to justify the financial outlay.

This happened to coincide with that gala event at the Tokyo Hilton, at which I was seated on the Freinds-of-fatblueman YouTube table.

Well, sitting with them for several hours couldn’t fail to rub off on me, and so, a couple of weeks later, here we are, making YouTube videos.

The idea for this one came to me last Sunday morning. I had to go to the office to pick up the transformer for my mac that I’d left behind the previous night, and decided to make a brief stop at Kitanomaru park. I wanted to make a tribute video to Susan Boyle, as I’d been really taken with her voice.

It was only later that I decided that it might be fun to take the video outside of the park and onto the trains.

Whilst this video ends in Shibuya, the footage doesn’t. I’ll be posting another video in due course.

I’m using the making and promoting of this video for educational purposes. This is the first time I’ve ever used Final Cut (Apple’s pro-video editing software), and the first time I’ve done anything other than simple uploading with YouTube.

I think the lack of reactions on the train says a lot about Japan, or at least Tokyo. It’s only by isolating yourself in your own little world that you can survive.