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Boat trip around Tokyo bay and Gundam’s bum

If you follow other Japan blogs you’ll be only too aware that there is a life-size Gundam in Odaiba. It’s part of a ‘Green Festival’ in a lovely little park on one of the manmade islands down there. A green park that is now packed with people – and somewhat brown.

One way to see Gundam that enables you to avoid the crowds is to join your friends on a birthday boat trip organised by and in celebration of Stu.

That way, you get to eat, drink, be merry, and see a side of Gundam that most people will only be able to take in up close.

Incidentally, taking a boat trip around Tokyo Bay is a lovely way to spend a summer evening, and I thoroughly recommend it. The boat we went on was a very special one, taking us wherever we wanted – and even allowing the birthday boy to spin us around in circles! You can hire a boat for 70,000 yen. Thank you Stu for a wonderful time!

Here’s some photos and videos, in a special order designed to stimulate your mind.

Intro video

Gundam from behind
Gundam from the Water

Gundam from the Water

Gundam by night

Video: Gundam from the boat

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge

Night lights (illuminated sign and residential flats)
Night lights from the boat

People working at the container port wave to us as we sail by

The container port from afar


One of my favourites from the evening
Odaiba reflections

The Fuji TV building
Fuji TV

Stu, whose birthday it was

Don’t know him


and for Gundam freaks, here he is up close… (for the best photos, see these taken by Shibuya246)

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Video blog: Edogawa Ekiden (relay race) and more

It’s been a looong day.

In the morning I joined Tom, Nami and Phil to run the Edogawa Ekiden (relay race). Things didn’t quite work out as planned for us personally, so I thought instead of focusing on our story I’d share with you some footage of the various characters we met throughout the event.

You can also get an idea of just how appalling my taiko drumming skills are!

The girls take on the Edogawa Ekiden

All sorts of people run Ekidens. There tend to be a lot of men wearing dresses.


Here’s our team in full









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Susan Boyle gives me a break

Joseph on the ITV Chez Long thingy (UK)

In news that I’m sure will disappoint at least one Mumbler out there, my Susan Boyle Video has given me my first big(ish) break.

This evening I met with the producer of a very well-known podcast, a podcast which sees thousands of downloads every week. It’s a podcast I listen to and enjoy, and a podcast that I did always want to be on. It was also one of the inspirations for my own podcast.

As of next month, I’ll be presenting a new regular feature on the show.

Details will follow in due course.

This is really exciting news for me. As many of you know, I see my mid-term future as being in the media industry, whether that be podcasting, radio or TV. This is not for the sake of becoming ‘famous’ etc, but because I believe that I can make a big positive difference to the world through the media. I’ve always felt drawn towards this field, but until recently have not made any real steps to create a reality in which I am working within it.

It’s only having read stacks of self-development books and having listened to hours of biographies from Audible that I appreciate that there is no secret to fulfilling my dreams. It’s simply a case of taking positive steps, acting on acquired knowledge and accumulated passion to make them a reality.

Becoming successful in my chosen field is no different from becoming successful in, say, obtaining the right to remain in Japan – in that case I invested 5 years of my time in study, $40,000 in school fees and expenses, and a lot of time and effort to persuade *Twinkle* to marry me ;o)

I don’t believe in blind ‘luck’ – I believe that we draw things towards us that we need at a given time – but we have to be in the right frame of mind and give out the right energy to draw the right things towards us (and if the ‘wrong’ things appear in our lives, they are ultimately the ‘right’ things. e.g. having unreasonable demands made of you in a job might piss you off so much that it becomes a trigger for you to pick up some long-held dream of yours that until now you’ve neglected out of fear).

So it’s good to see that my plan is working. Whilst my podcasts may take up every waking moment I’m not in my day job, whilst they may not pay a single penny, and whilst the resulting mp3 may be judged by some as a pile of pants, it doesn’t matter. They are what I have to do now. They are the natural next step.

The alternative is for me to sit here and wait for the day I’m ‘discovered’ by Fuji TV.

It’s only too easy to sit on our dreams. I’m happy that there are not so many of those kinds of people around me; most I know are either happy in what they are doing, or they are taking steps to change those parts of their lives that they are not happy with. They do this year round too, not just at New Year.

Anyways, best get on with the editing. Watch this space for future announcements.

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Tokyo CGM Night Volume 4

Last night saw the fourth installment of Tokyo CGM Night, a night hosted by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth to celebrate Japan’s Consumer Generated Media producers.

It’s a chance for Japan’s top bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters to gather and talk about past achievements, and make plans for future collaborations.

This was my second CGM, and looking around I was staggered by just how many people I counted as ‘friends’, when, just three months back I knew virtually no one in this arena. It’s a good demonstration of just how easy it is to get on with folks round here – they’re all so bloomin’ nice.

Here’s an experimental video I shot on a row boat in which I talk about last night. The video undergoes a big change 4 minutes in…

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Video Exclusive: Susan Boyle sings live on a Tokyo commuter train

Having bought the most amazing computer in the whole world ever, I realised I needed to push myself beyond the confines of email and random web surfing, and into production, in order to justify the financial outlay.

This happened to coincide with that gala event at the Tokyo Hilton, at which I was seated on the Freinds-of-fatblueman YouTube table.

Well, sitting with them for several hours couldn’t fail to rub off on me, and so, a couple of weeks later, here we are, making YouTube videos.

The idea for this one came to me last Sunday morning. I had to go to the office to pick up the transformer for my mac that I’d left behind the previous night, and decided to make a brief stop at Kitanomaru park. I wanted to make a tribute video to Susan Boyle, as I’d been really taken with her voice.

It was only later that I decided that it might be fun to take the video outside of the park and onto the trains.

Whilst this video ends in Shibuya, the footage doesn’t. I’ll be posting another video in due course.

I’m using the making and promoting of this video for educational purposes. This is the first time I’ve ever used Final Cut (Apple’s pro-video editing software), and the first time I’ve done anything other than simple uploading with YouTube.

I think the lack of reactions on the train says a lot about Japan, or at least Tokyo. It’s only by isolating yourself in your own little world that you can survive.


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