England from above

Thought I’d post a few photos from the journey: First up is mum and dad through the train window at Hereford, Pepé at Heathrow Airport, and my last look at England. Scandinavian islands – not a bad shot considering it was taken from 33,000 feet

Live from 33,000 feet above Siberia

A photo I took a while back, showing somewhere in Scandinavia from 33,000ft Seat 40K. It’s been a good flight so far. The LHR Termonal 5 experience lived up to expectations – all very convenient, and no stress whatsoever. The only tiem I felt uncomfortable was when waiting for the gate to ppen, As expected, […]

Goodbye to England, and Hello to my sister

Here we are then, all set. My big bag is now down to 23kg, my two carry on bags about 500kg each. I’ve checked in online – seat 40k, just behind the right-hand wing, by the window. It’s been a really ‘full’ day. It’s featured a lot of packing and repacking, backing up data, eating, […]

An Amazing Adventure

Amazing day. A true adventure. Following 20 hours of non-stop activity I am pretty out of it, but I’d like to note down a few things from today that really struck me as pretty damn wonderful. It all started at 6am, I’m up to drive to the kitchen at the community centre where the sushi […]


Ittekimasu is what Japanese people say when they are leaving the hosue. It literally means, “I’m going, and I’ll come back”. I’m off to Heathrow – *Twinkle* should be touching down in just under three hours. It’s terminal 5 – let’s hope the wedding dress makes it too! xxx

Train Story

Back on the train today, heading for Bristol to find some clothes that might be suitable for a wedding (our wedding). It’s been an interesting journey so far. Started in the musty waiting room on platform two – a forgotten waiting room. No matter how long the wait or how bad the weather, no one […]


So here we are WigStylers, back in my hometown. I mean, home village. It’s been a manic few days, what with my travelling by train or car hundreds of miles to the three corners of the UK (Sheffield, London, Hereford) to meet important people, give presentations, pack all my belongings and move house. In the […]

Covent Garden

I spent a few hours walking the streets of London yesterday. In my attempt to find Tottenham Court Road, I managed to end up in Covent Garden, somewhere I’ve not been before. I loved it. There was this talking dog. He just sat there, all day. These statues were something else. I’ve never seen anyone […]

Cloud tales

The main line that heads out due West from London towards Swansea provides great views of the English countryside.The tracks are often raised on big beds of gravel, providing us with superb views across the surrounding fields. The first cut of this season’s hay has just been made, leaving doogle bales dotting the landscape. Moo […]

From the train: Nuclear Drivers and Being the Change

I’m on the train back to Sheffield. It’s been a pretty easy journey, relaxing. For the first leg I was on a rail-relacement bus. I sat at the front as I often do on buses, provided they have seat-belts. Next to me was a chap in his 40s. Pretty scruffy, stinking of cigarettes. “This bus […]

Day in snapshots

I’ve had this camera follow me around all day. It’s been taking snapshots of my thinking. Kinda strange. I developed the film, here’s what came out. It’s 5.45am. My phone alarm goes off. I think about whether I want to wake up – i think, “well, the interview isn’t until 8am, I can sleep till […]

Norwegian Wood, Religious Weddings and the Canvas of Life

Latest addition to my mum’s art portfolio Fascinating, thrilling day today. It is so great to see family after such a long time. I caught the tram at 6.30am, train down to Hereford, bus to Wormelow, car to Orcop. Thoroughly enjoyable journey. Not only did I get to indulge in one of all-time favourite hobbies […]