When things go tits-up

It’s a shame when one can’t be as effective as one would like to be.

I was giving a presentation today for one of committees of the American Chambers of Commerce, looking at ustream & using it for business.

Unfortunately my MacBook pro suffered a stroke as I began – no video output to the projector. Whilst I did get it going eventually the lost time cost me dearly – I was far less effective that I’d wanted to be, failing to cover the material that was most relevant for the audience.

Well, hey, these things happen, and I’m sure they’ll be a positive outcome – such as my learning to never be dependent on a single computer.

Speaking alongside social media experts helped bring a little more clarity to who I am/ what my speciality is in this whole social media marketing market.

What I do (and enjoy doing) is getting my hands dirty. I love being a part of a social media event – planning a practical strategy and then carrying it out with my team on the day itself.

Pulling together the people with the necessary skills, gathering the required technology and figuring out how it will all work together.

I’m also good under pressure – when everything falls apart (not exactly uncommon when it comes to live streamed broadcasts!). I must admit I saw today’s event as just one of those situations – we’re live, we’re under pressure – we have to make this work!

What I am *not* is a so-called ‘social media ‘expert’, ready to theorise on the future of the industry.

Happily, following today’s event I secured more work, which now means I have enough for the foreseeable future (although could fit more in should the need arise).

Also, I left the event being happy with who I am and my attitude towards life. There was a time when I would have agonised over today’s events, felt embarrassed etc.

But as it was I just saw it as an experience, and one I’m glad to have gone through.

Anyway, better get on and eat some sushi.

1 week until a change of occupation

Frog in a BottleHowdy punks.

I headed on down to the Make: Tokyo Meeting 04 yesterday, held at Tokyo Institute of Technology. It’s a kind of interactive DIY tech fare. I shot a short video (embedded below) – and wrote a little more about it (with links) over at www.japantechshow.com. The frog above was one of a collection that seemed immensely popular with other visitors. Quite why you’d want a frog’s corpse on your mantlepiece I don’t know.

So, as per my previous post, we’re in the midst of change here. I have 5 days left with my current employer, much of which will be spent training those who are going to take over my job, making video tutorials and text guides to what I’ve been doing.

I’m very much looking forward to changing my daily routine, and joining White Rabbit Press. I still can’t quite get over just how well it all seems to be working out.

It will be good to have meaning restored to what I devote a third of my weekday hours to. Whilst the lack of meaning in recent months hasn’t exactly led me to depression, it has left me feeling considerably frustrated and unfulfilled. I need a challenge, and whilst my previous job was challenging, the challenges were not the sort of thing that led to greater skill acquisition etc!

Speaking of challenges, Tom and I ran our first 19km Tokyo Marathon training run yesterday. It wasn’t too bad, although Granny’s hip syndrome did kick in at the end. Today I’m in a bit of pain, but nothing too bad.

We have about 12 weeks to go.

Life with *Twinkle* is wonderful. I feel so fortunate.

Anyways, I have a couple of podcasts I’d like to finish off today, so I’ll leave it here for now.

Here’s that video from Make fair.