Hello to a fresh start

The Daily Mumble (of old)

To mark the fresh start, I’ve finally said goodbye to Blogger.com, and the blue-theme of The Daily Mumble – my personal blog that on Tuesday will be celebrating its 7th birthday.

As a result of the move, the new-look Mumble can now be found at http://www.tamegoeswild.com/words. Please update your bookmarks.

If you are reading this post in an RSS reader, you do not need to do anything – the feed address remains the same.

The new site also has a mobile version – just go to the same address with your mobile device to get a list of the latest posts.

The new Mumble is powered by WordPress. I’ll be gradually transferring all of the other wordy pages from www.tamegoeswild.com (essentially my whole site except the photo section) – but along with fixing a few formatting issues on this site, that’s not a priority, so for the time being The Daily Mumble will look distinctly different from the rest of TGW, and a little odd.

I will enable thumbnail images in due course to make things a little brighter.

Using a WP database to power The Daily Mumble gives me a lot more flexibiity, and provides endless opportunities for enhancments, which will come over time.

The change is good. Whilst I have done a fair bit physically in terms of furthering my business ideas, I’m also doing a lot of mental adjustment to this new approach to life. It’s tremendously exciting, and feels like a lot (years)  of preparation is finally starting to pay off.

I am determined to not let this one pass me by.

Thanks to those of you who have reaffirmed your belief in me, I truly appreciate your support.

Dear Diary

I have kept a regular journal for over 20 years now. I started writing on Thursday the 28th of July 1998, when I was age ten.

In Feb 2002 I began to write the Daily Mumble, whilst continuing my series of what was by then 50+ diaries detailing almost every day of my life for 14 years.

These days my writing is all done on the keyboard. Whilst it’s convenient and ‘futureproof’, it does lack the interactive nature of real notebooks.

Here’s my first ever diary entry dating back over 20 years:

“Today I woke up at about 8.00am, looking out the window I saw that it was a misreble day. We got our Rabbits 13 days ago, today was one of the days we had to clean them out on, so eventuly I got around to doing that.

In the evening we set up a puppet show called “Whinnih THE Pooh’, but in the end we didn’t do it due to Jessie moaning.

The following day I describe going to the Jones’ and playing a game where we had to lock each other in the barns, then started playing a boring game where we had to steal each other’s codes.

The day after that I finished making my sugar paper tree at about 2.30pm, and went to see my rabbit, before making a cake with bright pink and green icing, ‘it looked horrrible’.

It’s a precious gift I’ve given myself. I just wish I’d started 5 years earlier!