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Cow Hut Camp Fest 2001
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Cow Hut Camp Fest 2001 was billed to be the biggest all-night open music festival to be held in Switzerland in the summer of 2001. It was organised and hosted by Mr. D Hill and yours truly, and in the end seven people showed up. Well, it was the first year for an event of its kind to be held at over 2,100 metres, so a low turnout was expected.

The idea first occurred to me whilst climbing the Lauberhorn, our local mini-mountain. I'd often passed by the little cow-chalet that was to be the venue on skis and on foot. One day, finding one of the doors unlocked, myself and Dan investigated it thoroughly . It was perfect, providing a large wooden-floored indoor arena and stacks of firewood in the roofspace.

Sorry, you're sleeping outside mate
The venue for Cow Hut Camp Fest 2001
Us around the fire
DAN! and Frances

Preparations began in early July, with invites being sent out and expenses calculated. The hire of the hall was not a big problem as it was basically free - we just hoped that the farmer didn't lock all the doors. The main cost was the beer, wine and vodka. Financially it hit us hard, but it hit my recently-broken collarbone even harder as the rucksack in which I carried it weighed about 40kg and the twenty minute hike almost saw it break in two again.

The evening of the festival saw me running the bar in the hotel where I lived. As I was the last one to finish work that night it was my responsibility to ensure that all lights were switched off, all cigarettes and candles were extinguished and all doors were locked.
Frances in a lovely pink blanket
Adam, Dan and Frances
Stuart and Erica

As the 5-storey hotel was made almost entirely of wood it was very important that these checks were made, but the thought of missing the party was too much for me : I gave the keys to a guest who I thought I could trust with instructions as to what he should do when he went to bed, and hoped that the hotel would still be standing the next day.

The party, which had begun without me at about 8pm, was not quite "Happnin'" when I arrived at 11.30pm as there was no music. Stuart, who had been going to take the CD player up earlier in the evening had instead fallen asleep in his bed.
Frances and Stuart
Stuart and Erica

I can't remember much about the party other than we played "ibble dibble" with a burnt cork, and laughed a lot.

The following morning, the only way to wake up sufficiently in order to make myself semi-presentable for work was to jump in the freezing cold reservoir. The others didn't join me, can't think why.
The morning after
An early morning swim
Cow Hut Camp Fest was declared a success overall, although the organisers made a loss due to the fact that tickets were free and drinks were included.

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