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Stolen Passport
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Stolen Passport?

Those of you who have had the pleasure of living with me will know that I am forever losing things. Perhaps "losing" is too strong a word. Perhaps "misplacing" is more appropriate.

Typically, I would "lose" my pen at least three times a lesson when I was teaching in Tokyo. It would often be pointed out by my students that it was actually under the piece of paper in front of me. On other occasions I would find it half-an-hour later in my pocket.

One of my more serious losses was my passport, back in 1997 when I was working on an American summer camp.

After three months, departure time was looming, and so I began to get my stuff together. I was horrified to find that my passport was missing - I hadn't used it since my arrival in America and I was sure that Id put it in my blue folder with all my other important stuff. I'd searched for several days and phoned the British Embassy for advice a couple of times before it finally showed up.

It was in the safe in the camp office where I'd put it several months beforehand to ensure that I wouldn't lose it!


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