The Pacific from the East (Taken with instagram)

Friends on Hermosa Beach Pier (Taken with instagram)

Sunset over Hermosa Beach, California (Taken with instagram)

Tokyo Marathon 2012 Live!

Yes, it’s that time of year again – The Tokyo Marathon live around the world courtesy of The iRun Air! Live video feeds and more info over at

NHK TV feature on The Art of Running: Ishinomaki

I’ve finally made time to upload the video from my 3rd appearance on NHK’s ‘Necchu Stadium’, this episode focusing on the things you can do with a smartphone – in my case, it’s an Art of Running project, carried out in Ishinomaki, a town hit hard by the tsunami on March 11th 2011. In other […]

風車をアップグレード中 Upgrading windmills (Taken with instagram)

Set up by a swiss gov official, caught inside a small compound on top of a hill used for ‘secret stuff’. They’d already impounded my radio controlled helicopter, which was going crazy inside a big cage filled with other impounded children’s toys, mostly disney-character helium balloons. I then was set free, so visited the hotel […]

がんばろう!石巻 (Taken with instagram)

Chocolate & Banana Pizza for lunch (Taken with instagram)

I find it hard to imagine how business was done prior to the Internet, but then in 20 years from now I’ll probably wonder how we all managed without mini built-in neuron-powered wifi hotspots with those little antennas that poke out of your nostrils.

Keeping warm (Taken with instagram)

Youth (Taken with instagram)

The Look (Taken with instagram)

Nice… Latest Audi spotted outside Tokyo Station (Taken with instagram)

And the world did rejoice as the radishes sprouted (Taken with instagram)

Ooh! Sexy sky over Shinjuku now! (Taken with instagram)

Good to go away, but love coming home to this (Taken with instagram)

Salamander (Taken with instagram)

Big Bird (Taken with instagram)

Absolutely love this concept – and it may not be long before it’s a reality. oceantokyo: Gosta’’ glasses cheers for Google In an article on ReadWriteWeb, Marshall Kirkpatrick declares that Google augmented reality glasses could come soon and continues to ask; what do they mean? A couple of months ago we showed exactly this. Our Gosta’’ glasses (on […]

It’s back! #iRun (Taken with instagram)

Setting her satnav before departure (Taken with instagram)

Don’t focus on the lights (Taken with instagram)

If ever there was a candidate for a mannequin that came to life at night, it’s this girl in Roppongi Hills. (Taken with instagram)

Watching our pizza being made (Taken with instagram)

北の丸公園 Kitanomaru Park (Taken with instagram)

ヘリコプターと富士山 Helicopter in Mt. Fuji flyby (Taken with instagram)

Tokyo lights up (Taken with instagram)

今晩の日の入り。東京と富士山。Tonight’s Tokyo Sunset, with mt. Fuji (Taken with instagram)

Autumn Red (Taken with instagram)

Quite a grand location for a car-boot sale: Yasukuni Shrine (Taken with instagram)

Last glimpse of English skies (Taken with instagram)

Scandinavian Sunset (Taken with instagram)

Bank of cloud smothers an English sunrise (Taken with instagram)

Sign in dad’s greenhouse (retired head teacher) (Taken with instagram)

The Moulin Rouge (Taken with instagram)

Nephew Edward (Taken with instagram)

Nephew Edward (Taken with instagram)

Tame Siblings (Taken with instagram)

Paris Highway (Taken with instagram)

Can’t get over how sleek this new design looks from this angle.

Wi but no Fi (Taken with instagram)

The Eiffel Tower illuminates the night sky (Taken with instagram)