The Art of Running: LED Traces

I love the tracing where I’ve run. Until now, with The Art of Running I’ve typically used a GPS device to leave a virtual trace, a set of coordinates which can then be overlaid on a digital map (such as Google Earth) to bring the run to life online. It was during the short winter […]

[Video] Running the Imperial Palace: High Five Camera

Here we are again then – reposting posts from my other website! You can slap me if you’d like to. I love running the Imperial Palace loop. Over the past few months I’ve come to recognise quite a few of the other regular runners – and as you can see from this video, they’ve come […]

Interview on Bunka Housou: Kunimaru Japan

I originally posted this over on, but I’m so efficient/lazy/busy I’m reposting it as it is right here. With this month marking the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a lot of media are focusing on stories connected to the horrendous events of that March 11th. Back in 2011 I took The […]

Tokyo Marathon 2013東京マラソン2013

Since it began in 2007, the Tokyo Marathon has continued to grow in popularity. In 2013 over 300,000 people applied to run the full 42.195km race, meaning that there was only a 1 in 10.3 chance of being awarded one of the 35,500 places available. Until last year I had always been lucky with the […]

Art of Running: 50km Tokyo Heart shows my true feelings for the city

This is a repost of an entry I originally wrote for my running blog here. On April 22nd 2011 I undertook the longest Art of Running challenge that I have attempted to date: a 50km heart around the city that I love. Inside of the heart I then drew a the character ‘心’ which means […]

Tokyo Marathon 2011 final report (better late than never!)

It’s been almost 6 months now since I completed the Tokyo Marathon 2011 whilst wearing the iRun. Following the big day itself I needed at least a week to get over the physical and psychological trauma that I had inflicted upon myself through carrying out this stunt – and then just as I was about […]

Half Marathon with Weights (almost)

Last night I took the next step with my training for the Tokyo Marathon 2011, by running with weights. If I’m going to carrying a computer during the full marathon I’m going to need to get accustomed to the weight, so last night I wore a rucksack with my iPad, bottle of water and other […]