Launch of

Over the next few months the number of running-related posts I’ll be writing is probably going to increase significantly. I appreciate that there probably aren’t many runners amongst The Daily Mumblers, so have decided to set up a new section of TGW dedicated to running. (or is a bilingual site that will track […]

The Art of Running: Meguro Elephant

In a bid to help me get through The Wall(s) encountered during long distance runs, I’ve decided to bring GPSart (otherwise known as Position Art) to the streets of Tokyo. My first creation is the 18.43km Meguro Elephant. With an average speed of 10.28km/h, it’s one of the faster breeds, yet consumes a staggering low […]

Idea: Japan by Bicycle

One thing I’ve long wanted to do is tour Japan by bicycle. Whilst I’ve hardly left Tokyo since September 2008, I have in previous years traveled a fair bit – working on organic farms, hitchhiking here and there, getting out into local communities. A couple of  things that stick with me from those times are […]

Running: Tamagawa Ekiden Carnival

Yesterday I ran the final 5km leg of an Ekiden (relay race). Myself and My friends were just two teams amongst hundreds that ran the 23km course along the Tama river. The weather was perfect for running – blue skies, but not too hot. Looking at my stats on runkeeper, I could see that my […]

Tokyo Marathon 2011 – Live streaming gear development

Now that my place in next year’s Tokyo Marathon has been confirmed, it’s time to start planning the specialist headgear I shall use to ensure that the many people who haven’t been selected to run are able to do so virtually, courtesy of a number of cameras and sensors that I shall carry. I created […]

Tokyo Marathon 2011 – Lottery results

As I posted on my microblog yesterday, I’m on of the lucky 1-in-9.2 applicants that were selected by lottery to run the Tokyo Marathon 2011. Over 294,000 people applied for the full 42.5km race, with only 32,000 able to run. Unfortunately, unlike last year, the majority of my friends were not selected – I only […]

Training Routine

This morning I met up with Tom, friend and trainer with whom I ran the Tokyo Marathon. It’s the first time in months that we’ve done a Sunday-morning run, but perfect timing for the start of a 5 month training program leading up to next February’s Marathon (which I hope we’ll get into – the […]

Running Again

I’m on the train heading back home after running 12.21km south towards Yokohama. I think it’s the furthest I’ve run since the Marathon in February, and the first time I’ve done over 10km since May. It’s extraordinary how out of shape I am. I used to have a really big barrier at 20km – that […]