£19,000 for one hour’s work – application submitted!

Domino’s Pizza Japan are celebrating their 25th anniversary with an unusual recruitment drive: they’re looking for a single employee to work one hour sometime in December, for which they’ll be paid 2,500,000 (about £19,000). Naturally, I applied. What do you think of my resume? I thought it important to show a bit of imagination. I […]

Top 10 Essential iPad Apps

I’m not the kind of person to buy a lot of apps. I don’t browse the app store picking up random titles that look interesting, rather I go in there looking for a particular app that I’m familiar with having used the OSX version, or I’m looking for an app that a friend has recommended. […]

The line between work and personal life in an online world

The more involved I get with my work over at White Rabbit Press, the more I find myself wondering where the line should be drawn between my online-work and my (non-work) online-life. Being responsible for marketing means that of course, I’m doing a lot online for the company. My goal is to spread the word […]