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The journey begins
Leaving Japan


Welcome to China
Voyage to Shanghai
Shanghai - Day 1
Shanghai - Day 2
Bullet Train to Beijing
Arrival in Beijing
Forbidden City & Great Wall
Stranded in Jining
Beijing Duck
The hotel Hutiejuhengnuobinguan
Business in China
Thoughts whilst waiting


Hello Mongolia
Endless miles of stars
Live from the yurt
Speechless for 3 days
Where's my train gone?
Yurtastic fun


Buying tickets in Russia
Driving in Russia
Lake Baikal - part 1
Lake Baikal - part 2
Travelling 3rd class
The Russians
The 60 hour, 4100km ride part 1
60 hour train ride part 2
A walk amongst the stones
Hello Moscow
What? You mean my train for Germany left an hour ago?
A day in Moscow


The most luxurious Train in the whole world
Hello Poland
They speak my language!
British Passport Control


Arriving in the UK
A familiar sunrise
One week on
The final Leg
The final word

9000 miles

On the 14th of August 2007, my year as a Japanese Studies exchange student at a Tokyo University came to an end.

The next 28 days were spent travelling 9,000 miles by ferry, train, bus, bicycle, horse, on foot and by car across the East China Sea, up through the rising economies of Shanghai and Beijing, over the border into the beautiful Mongolia, on north to the shores of the world’s second largest freshwater lake, Baikal, and then many miles west through the wilds of Siberia to Moscow. From there I took the train through Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France, until I finally arrived in the UK, just in time for the beginning of my final year of study at The University of Sheffield.

Follow my story here: I updated my website from all the way along the route with photos and stories of the places I passed through, the people I met and the challenging situations I found myself landed in.

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