What a long day indeedy it has been today, or yesterday, or tomorrow depending on who I am and where you are in the world.

It began for me some 16 hours ago when I woke up to the domino tones of an energised tory mp drossing on about some policy or other that the government is failing to introduce. It could only get better.

The morning then was spent reading up on North Korean ambitions (well wouldn’t you opt for Nuclear Weapons if your economy was in ruins and the only way to secure food for your people was to use them [your alleged nukes] as a bargaining chip between yourself and the world’s only superpower, that was constantly threatening you, labelling you as a part of an ‘axis of evil’ whilst simultaneously invading other nations similarly condemmed such as Afghanistan and Iraq?). Then I wrote an essay about it.

There then followed about an hour of cursing a wretched bit of software that refused to behave itself.

This afternoon I switched my attention to East Timor (what are the consequences of East Timorise independence for Indonesian security and that of the wider region?). Learnt a fair bit, then wrote a short essay about it.

Arm’s killing me.

Stepped outside the front door for about 30 seconds to get the day’s only fresh air.

This evening: read up on environmental security, wasted an hour or so installing a random photo thing in this here Daily Mumble, then learnt 10 kanji, all their readings and 50 compounds.

All this interspersed with random snatches of amusing if somewhat distracting online videos, and emails to my beloved.

Hurrah for me!!

And now I’m going to bed! Double Hurrah!!!