So, finally, after two days of fiddling about with this template and changing millions of links contained within the Tame Goes Wild network I have managed to reach the point at which I can say, “Ok, I’ve wasted enough time on that for now. Did someone mention something about exams in 11 days?”

Yes, well, you see despite the convenience offered by Blogger (you know, like when you click on “Publish”, and a message appears saying “Sorry, publication unsuccessful”, and your masterpiece telling the story of how, yesterday, you managed to get the Broadband connection fixed by running after a white van with an orange light on top and pleading with the driver to plug his apparatus into your socket, is lost, completely, not even a Draft in sight…), I don’t like the idea of joining the Blogger bandwagon. I mean, this is Tame Goes WILD is it not, not Tame Makes Sure He Knows What’s Going On In The Big Brother Household. I do not wish to be tarred with the Blogger Brush.

Thus my attempts to make this page as Daily-Mumble ish as possible. Shame about the web address, and the “I swear at Blogger when it crashes” button on the right.

!! Warning !! Dull technical paragraph ahead!

Shame also about my inability to include that rather groovy javascript interactive menu bar (as seen everywhere else on TGW) – can anyone advise me on how I could get this file to appear centred no matter what the size of the window? (Line 450 is the one in question, [startMenu(‘root’, false, 110, 112, 0, hBar);] 110 being the position of the nav bar from the left hand side of the page – not much good when pages are re-sized unless one’s blog is aligned to the left, which I can’t do in Blogger I don’t think)

!! End of dull technical paragraph

Still, I am quite pleased with the result. Now, if only I was capable of writing something remotely interesting…

Ah, yes, so I sawed the top off a tree today. That was fun. Must remember next time to position myself below the cut. Dug up another few tree stumps. Exhausting. Yo know what, if I think back a few years, to when I first started work on the Welsh Garden Project, I can hardly believe that I managed to work for so long. 8, 9, or 10 hour days were not all that uncommon, and yet now 3 hours is enough to make me feel like I need a good lie-down, cup of tea, hot bath, massage, girlfriend to sooth away my aches and pains… (mind you, no matter how shattered I am she is always capable of making me feel like a spring chicken when it comes to bed time. I think I must have some special energy reserve which can only be triggered by the thought of, erm, annoying my neighbour. I think it is her ultra-sexiness that is mostly to blame).

Er, anyway. 28 tomorrow. Crikey, that means I’m 30 in two years, then 40 ten years after that. And I haven’t even started doing everything I want to do! Looking forward to the special day this year, as it will be spent cleaning out gutters. Ah, yes, the joyful task of shovelling leaf mould and bird droppings from soggy gulleys. Who could ask for anything more?! (The odd thing is though, I’m not in the slightest bit depressed about this prospect. I think life is just too much fun to get depressed about spending the most special day of one’s entire year with one’s hands embedded in poo!)

Anyway, I must read some stuff about some minority groups in Japan. That being those people who don’t know that God’s greatest gift to mankind womankind will, in a matter of months, be back on their shores.

tarra xxx