As regular Mumblers will know, the most common search term entered into Google that results in my site being displayed is “Horse Cock”. Why, I have no idea, for this was happening long before my story of the Horse that stands proudly at the entrance to the famed Dinosaur “Don’t Go There” Park of North Devon.

Well, I am resigned to TGWs fate as being the No.1 place where true fans of plastic beastiality came come for satisfaction – if you can’t beat ’em, join em.

So here I present the second addition to my collection of life-size plastic horse appendages, as seen at the National Railway Museum in York.

That’s the other thing that gets me – why on Earth do these creatures end up in places like dinosaur parks and railway museums, and not city farms that are a bit pushed for space?

WARNING! Only click on this link if you are over 18.

As you can see, Patrick the Plastic horse was more than a little surprised when I directed my cybershot at his naughty bits.