So here I am sitting in the library trying to write my weekly Japanese essay (this week’s topic is the possible causes of the declining birth rate) …being distracted by the guy opposite me.

He’s a ‘sukebe’, that is, someone constantly thinking about sex. That sort of person just disgusts me… (hmm, I wonder when *cough* will be coming round tonight…) Whenever anything looking remotely feminine walks by he looks up from his laptop and fixes his eyes on them, before seemingly making some conscious judgement, and giving either an approving grunt and a smile, or a dismissive frown.

This is inbetween shaking his head and swearing, loudly. He’s been trying to watch a DVD, but it appears that his laptop is not co-operating. Not only that, but he has actually shaken his fists at the screen 3 times. Well, if you will buy a pretend computer (it’s a Mac). Oh, and there’s the connnnnstant throat-clearing as well. I’ve a good mind to go and buy a bottle of sodium chloride and offer him a cupful of granules disolved in 200ml of creosote.

Must say I’m loving this essay. It’s so exciting to see how my Japanese has improved since last year. Mmm I really love this course, tough though it is. I have a lot more to say on this topic actually, but shall have to resist the temptation to talk about it here for reasons of national security.

Oooh I think I’m going to start a podcast later this year. I have it all set up – dedicated podcast account, appropriate software and hardware – it’s just a matter of time. I really love the convenience of podcasts, the way they all download and transfer to my iPod automatically. Anyway, watch this space.

I’ve also finally managed to shift the TGW videos off my own server (thanks to the launch of Google’s website service) – this should cut down on my bandwidth usage by about 25%, leaving more available for everyone doing searches on horse cocks. They still top the ratings.

Anyway, Mr.Sukebe is really getting to me now, so I think I shall have to move.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took earlier today of someone with no clothes on riding the paternoster-lift in the arts tower. tee hee. (apologies for the poor quality. My phone’s camera uses 35mm, and isn’t very good at naked-men-in-motion shots.