Another wonderful thing happened today.

6000 pounds appeared in my bank account.

Ok, so sadly not really mine, just sort of leant to me so I can apply for a Student Visa for Japan (my real funding doesn’t come through until September).

Ok, so all I needed was a letter from the bank stating that yes, Mr. Joseph Tame has 6000 pounds in his account.

Could I get one? Could I hell! The bank said that they didn’t have any headed paper on site, and all they could do was give me the equivilent of a post-it note, with the date and the amount of money in my account written on by hand. It wouldn’t even have my name (or account number) on.

The ATM couldn’t help either – it only does on-screen balances.

I was advised that the only options I had were to (a) wait a month for my next statement (not possible, the money has to be returned asap) or (b) write to (not email, fax or phone) Head Office and request an official statement of funds. This could take a couple of weeks.


Then I had an idea… I went round the corner into another bank, whom I don’t hold an account with. “If I was to bring 6000 pounds cash in tomorrow morning could you open an account for me and then give me a letter stating that I have an account with you containing 6000 pounds?”

“Sure, no problem”.

I then came home and called my current bank’s customer service department again, and told them that if they didn’t provide me with a letter immidiately I’d be forced to withdraw all my funds that day, close the account and move to the Nationwide Building Society.

“Oh, Mr. Tame, don’t worry! I’ll write the letter you need myself, immidiately, and send it out to you by first-class post tonight!”

Ha! Victory!