I must admit, it’s puzzled me for a while now as to why we have so many tubs of margerine and Philadelphia Cream cheese in our student fridge. I know for a fact that one flat-mate only EVER eats microwave ready meals, whilst another lives on a diet of Marks and Sparks Oven-Ready meals, never touching anything else.

So how come there were 8 tubs of marg and cream cheese in the fridge when there were only two possible candidates for ownership?

Today, I thought I’d investigate, by checking to see if there was a name tag inside inside any of the tubs.

No name tags, but instead, the most impressive displays of mould I have EVER SEEN!


Just check out that Philadelphia! And the Utterly Butterly – Utterly not tempting I should say!

I think they warrant a closer look.



I am partcularly impressed by the beauty of the Philadelphia – check out that red splodge, and the rich texture of the green. Quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, let alone anything I’ve seen in a fridge in which I keep all my salad items etc. Mmm, nice bit of cross contamination.

Ah, the joys of student living…