I just learnt that there’s no noun for ‘hug’ in Japanese. Ah! Another thing to add to the cynic’s list.

Spent three hours photocopying in the library today. 400 pages of text. A lot of money, a lot of trees. 4 week’s worth of classes. All covered. I figured, if I did it all now, that would mean (a) less time spent faffing around during term time when the pressure’s really on, (b) all the books would be in (all but two out of about 20 were) (c)less having to face my project today. Tomorrow is printing-out-PDFs day, have to take out another loan for that. I just can’t do the reading-off-the-screen thing. Takes ages to wash the highlighter off afterwards.

I managed to download a driver for *cough’s* webcam today. She sits at an angle of 90 degrees to me at the end of my desk, sitting on my bed – I sit on my chair. The camera is clipped onto the top of her laptop’s screen, and is plugged into my USB port. This way, I can keep a window open on my desktop showing a live feed of her cuteyness, so i don’t ever have to take my eyes off the screen. Just have to buy a 2nd webcam so she can do the same, then we can communicate entirely digitally. You see – technology really does bring people closer.