Every year, the President of the University Union presents 5 students with “Centenary Awards”.

My very good friend Will Christophers (who is responsible for introducing *cough* and I to one another) has been an absolute star these past two years, doing more than anyone else I know for the benefit of other students.

Thus, I nominated him for a Centenary Award, and I’m delighted to say, the panel of judges agreed with my opinion (as stated below) that he should be one of the very few students to be presented with the award.

Congratulations Will, you are truly deserving!

“It can be said, without a doubt, that Will Christophers has contributed more to the improvement of the student body than any other individual within the Student’s Union.

In his role as president of Japan Society, Will has worked tirelessly for the benefit of both Japanese students at Sheffield and non-Japanese students interested in Japan. His irrepressible energy, imagination and sheer hard work have resulted in the creation of an incredibly strong supportive network amongst students, which has been nurtured through the organisation of events such as Japan Day, a hugely successful festival, the initial idea for which was entirely his own.

In addition to this, he has sought to offer employment to International Students through his Will Yaki business which last year won the White Rose Business Competition – students who might otherwise find it difficult to obtain employment whilst in Sheffield. Furthermore, he has created the “ChoCho Collection’, a series of postcards featuring his own artwork, and that of local students and other artists who struggle to find an outlet for their work. The profits from this are donated to charity.

Will has been a true inspiration to many students throughout his three years here at Sheffield, and I can think of no one other person who is more deserving of the Union Centenary Award than him.”

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Will. I can’t think of anyone who deserves that accolade more than him!

  2. Although I barely said 2 words to him I can easily take your word that he’s deserving of such an award, like you said, he’ll go far! Congrats to him!