woooooooooooooooahhh on a downer. BIG post-last-class of this two year block anticlimax. Not quite sure what to think or feel.

Kanji test was not the disaster it could have been. Still, I could have done a hell of a lot better. My recognition is ok, it’s writing the damn things that does me in (and 127 million Japanese too! After all, isn’t that what computers and mobile phones are for?!) Anyway, I added up my score at the end, it equates to approximately 70%.

Got the result back from last week’s Japanese comprehension mock. Basically, we get given a piece on something like Japan’s population crisis and then have to answer a bunch of questions on it. I got 74% for that, thanks to a few hours spent revising the relevant kanji the night before.

Made a bit of a mess of today’s mock though. I think my translation of the headline of the newspaper article kind of sums it up, I clearly wasn’t thinking. It should have read something like

“40% of firstborns born to mothers over 30”

Instead, I put

“1 in 4 children born over the age of 30”

As our teacher said, that would be a painful delivery.

Right, must be time for copious chocolate consumption.