Hey folks.

I’m on a blog-break. Think I deserve one. Been here (library) for almost 9 hours now. Been a good day. I finally finished going through all the newspaper readings we’ve been studying since February, and providing I actually learn all the wretched compounds that I’ve put on my litle muji flash cards, I should do ok in that section of the exam. I was a different story last semester. I didn’t realise that the comprehension section would be based on a story that we’d already looked at, so I completely skipped revising everything that that one particular teacher had taught us. Even told one of my class mates that we needn’t bother with that section… (they then walked out of the 3-hour exam after 20 mins due to shock, and then left the course!) …don’t wanna make that mistake again! I really could have kicked myself when I turned the exam paper over.

Anyway, it’s pretty groovy really. I had a look at the piece that we did in week 1, a piece that I remember really freaked me out at the time, it just seemed incomprehensible, but today I was able to read straight through it in a couple of minutes and understand everything! Mind you, I then had a look at some other piece we covered a couple of weeks back, a news story about illigal immigrants, and that still had the power to scare me. Tell you what though, this learning business is blooming fantastic. I love it. Hmm, learning kanji in contxt is so much easier.

Did a couple of essay plans for Postwar Japanese Politics too. They are the very essence of sexiness, but no doubt when I sit down in the exam hall in 6 days time my brain will suddenly forget the meaning of structure and tell me, “just write everything you know!”

That’s kind of what happened with my year-abroad project proposal, the one that was supposed to be 1000 words long, and ended up being 5000ish. I got 65% for that, but as I told the lecturer, whom I didn’t know until 2 days ago but whom I came to like a lot in the space of 20 minutes, I wasn’t really bothered by that as it’s simply pass or fail, and therefore the grade has no effect upon my final degree (providing I get over 40%!). Yes, had a very interesting chat, about why japanese women find western men attractive and vice-versa. I’ve since bought a book on the subject so I can figure out why the hell *cough* would want to be with me (apart from the obvious), and find out if there’s any other reason I’m with her other than, er, erm, so I can use her tip-ex pen when mine runs out.

Oh, update on father. The hospital said they won’t write to him for another 3 weeks, which is good news, as his condition is clearly not critical.

Ok, well I’d best get on.

Just wanted to say how happy I’m feeling. AND I have my own cut-out-and-keep model of the legendary Arts Tower (“The Arts Tower is the tallest University building in the United Kingdom”). I am yet to cut it out and keep it, but fret not, as soon as I have done so, I will take a photo. I’m also trying to track down an electronic version so you can make your own.

Raa woooo wiggy wiggy and we’re off to japan soon. STILL haven’t heard back re the summer thing. Will hassle them next week..

xxx by ebye bey

p.s. all spelling mistakes etc are due to the fact that I am not using my own laptop and therefore are not my fault ha!!

2 Responses

  1. So why DOES she like you? What does the book say? I knew that whole “same sense of humour” and “similar views on relationships” stuff was a little far-fetched… šŸ˜‰

  2. Amazon is yet to do me the favour of delivering the book, but as soon as I’ve read it I’ll let you know!

    I’ve just asked her directly, but she seems to be having problems coming up with any answers. Must be because she’s simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of good reasons to be with Joseph.