ok, so 8 hours 30 minutes to be exact.

I’m really stuffed re. this kanji test in the morning. Just tested myself and there are so many compounds I could’t remember. Just try and console myself with the thought that this test is worth very little really, and in the grand scheme of things means virtually nothing. Still, I really hate doing badly, I get really dissapointed (with myself). I’m a perfectionist… but when it comes to kanji, I still find it really tough to face studying them. My plan for next year is to learn all the basic ones, 1,800 of them or whatever it is. We’ve covered about 750 so far. I can’t decide whether to opt for the Heisig method, which I started with several years back and have found to be of lasting benefit, or stick with the more traditional (yet dull) Basic/Intermediary Kanji Book style.

I loathe learning kanji. If only they weren’t so damn useful in everyday life in Japan.