yes, so after a few days of drinking and watching films I finally managed to face the reality, the reality that is exams at the end of next week. 2 of the beasts.

Our routine, which began three days ago, is quite simple. It goes like this:

8am: Woken by 4 alarm clocks.

8.45am: Leave home, having had breakfast and put our packed lunches that we made the previous night in our rucksacks, not forgetting the thermos of tea and two bottles of organic blackcurrant squash.

9am: Arrive at main library. There are still some seats available. If we were to arrive at say, 11am, it would be very tricky for us to find 2 seats, let alone 2 seats next to each other. That’s how packed the library is.

9.05am – 6.55pm: Study.

7pm: Go home.

7.30pm: Eat supper, prepare packed lunch for following day.

8.30pm: The fact that I’m studying for about 10 hours a day means that in the evenings I feel free to relax and do what I want, without getting stressed about not revising. The fact that my brain is completely frazzled by this time also means that even if I actually wanted to carry on studying I might find it tricky.

11.30pm: Go to bed.

And that’s how it’s set to go on for the next 15 days or so. Hurrah!

Good news is, no sign of epilepsy, despite perfect conditions for it, and despite me being on a very low dose of Epilim. I put this down to (a) 8 hours of sleep every night (b) not getting worried (c) not being single…

Still don’t know what I’m going to do after the end of term, still no idea when I’m going to Japan. Not sure when I can move my stuff back to Hereford either, as dad is yet to hear from the hospital (thus not sure if he can drive or not). In a way that’s good news, as had he had a ‘critical condition’, they would have called him back in immidiately. Unless of course they’ve accidentally got his results mixed up with those of Mr. Smith across the ward – it wouldn’t be the first time!

Anyway, it’s all good at the mo. Just gotta keep me head down, and it’ll all be over soon.