It was early afternoon on September the 11th 2001. I was in my room on the fourth floor of the Swiss hotel where I worked, watching the news on Japanese Satellite TV. What I saw, I didn’t quite understand. It appeared to be a plane flying into the World Trade Centre – had the news finished and a disater movie begun? Soon after that I switched over to the BBC, just in time to see the 2nd plane hit. I now realised that this was no Hollywood production.

A few weeks ago my attention was drawn to a video released by the CIA. It wasn’t long, just 5 frames shot by a security camera the moment that a hijacked Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

Watching that video, I thought it was a bit odd that the ‘aeroplane’ appeared to be lacking in wings or a tail – all I could make out was a white pencil mark (full video here).

It was only when I heard about the film Loose Change 2nd Edition, that I was reminded of what I had seen a couple of weeks beforehand. Watching that film has completely changed my view on the events of September 11th.

September the 11th was, put bluntly, pre-meditated murder on a huge scale, planned and carried out not by terrorists, but by the US Government with military precision.

I strongly urge you to watch this film. It is not right that the public history of the events of September the 11th is what it is today, that this was a terrorist attack. We turn a blind eye to so much evil in this world, but I feel that this is something of such great importance, that we all have a duty to educate ourselves on what actually happened that day.

There is ample evidence to back up this claim, a claim which is apparently gaining significant recognition in the US. President Bush knows it too – check out his loss for words when asked what he thinks about the idea that he knew about the attacks prior to September the 11th.

I would like to point you in the direction of the Loose Change website. On the Evidencepage, select one of the events as detailed at the bottom of that page. E.g. WTC

There you will find evidence associated with everything said in the film, from numerous sources. There is so much stuff out there that will shock you, but so many people are unwillingly to question the “Official version”.

I’m not going to discuss all the oddities indicating that this was NOT a terrorist attack. There’s just too much, you should see the film yourselves.

I will though, just mention a few things:

There is ample evidence, including first-hand reports from firefighters and workers in the WTC that its destruction was not caused by two aeroplanes flying into the towers. As we all know, they were designed to withstand such an impact, and withstand them they did. There is, however, a lot of evidence pointing towards a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. We’re talking explosives planted throughout the building, detonated remotely to bring both towers down. Watch the video, you’ll see the explosions for yourself. Eye witnesses describe bright flashes of the sort seen in controlled demonlitions. The people who manufactured the steel said themselves that it was not possible for those buildings to have been brought down by fire. Those fires caused by the jet fuel would have had to burn at a much higher temperature and for much longer to have caused such damage. Look back in history at previous (far more serious) fires in skyscrapers around the world – the buildings are gutted, but WITHOUT EXCEPTION, they remain standing. Until September 11th. Once again, it’s all in the film.

There’s a film out at the moment called ‘United 93’. When I first watched the trailer I felt pretty shocked that such a movie had been released.

Now, I think, “What a load of bollox”.

Local reporters who arrived just after the crash stated that there was “No sign of debris, no sign that a plane came down”. This was no little 2 seater either, we’re talking commercial airliner here. What other major air disaster can you think of where there has been NO WRECKAGE. I mean, no engines, no section of fuselage, nothing. Eye witnesses describe a hole in the ground about 20ft diametre – and no sign of skidding before the aeroplane came to a halt.

The coroner said “I gave up being coroner after 20 minutes as there was no sign of bodies”. Does this sound like any air disaster you know of?

The phone calls – they couldn’t actually have taken place. No signal at that altitude. American Airlines inadvertaintly backed up this fact by announcing, in 2004 that they had just succeeded in developing a technology whereby people could make phone calls with their cellphones. See the article here (Or watch the film here).

As for the Pentagon – now there’s a joke. Minutes after the plane hit, government agents arrived at local businesses, seizing CCTV footage and prohibiting people from describing what they had seen. These tapes have not been released – oh, except for the one that shows something remarkably like a missile hitting the pentagon, as mentioned above.

Once again, no sign of skidding, no major reckage – just scraps of metal that could be picked up by hand. Perhaps the biggest give away though is THE HOLE THAT IS TOO BIG FOR AN AEROPLANE TO FIT INTO! …and where did the wings go? And the engines? And what about the smell of explosives that members of staff reported? (Once again, watch the film for more).

There’s other ‘oddities’ too, one of my favourites being the FBI’s claim to have found the passport of ‘suicide pilot’ Satam al-Suqami, in the wreckage of the WTC. They claim that whilst the flight-recorders (made out of some bloomin tough materials) were destroyed (a fact that a firefighter who helped them find 3 of the 4 denies), but somehow, this paper passport managed to fly out of the pilots pocket, through the explosion and onto the streets of Manhattan below.

At the end of the day, it’s not for me to say what did or did not happen on September the 11th – it’s for you to make your own mind up. However, having seen the film, and had a look at a lot of other material available out there, I will never again believe the story that this was a terrorist attack. This was pre-meditated murder by the US Government.

Look at just four examples what they have been able to do thanks to 9-11:

– Invade Afghanistan
– Invade Iraq (without UN sanction. Both of these invasions have resulted in huge economic gains and access to oil)
– Pass numerous bills enabling the government to monitor and control our actions and words in ways which are so invasive that pre-September 11th they simply would not have gathered enought votes in Congress / Parliament to make it into law
– A huge increase in funding for ‘intelligenc’ agencies.

The film is 1hr20min long. You can download a small .mp4 version (suitable for iPod or PC), or you can watch the high-quality streaming version.

The download page is here:

Another site which I feel is an important tool for people who do wish to educate themselves about what happened that day is I find it difficult to read, I must admit. Not because of the choice of font, but because of the volumes of evidence that point towards the murder of thousands by the US Administration.

I think we all owe it to the victims of the attacks to not accept the bullsh*t that the government feeds us on this one. Watch the video, tell your friends, and spread the word. A crime like this can’t be ignored.

[EDIT] This edit comes to you following an email from a friend of mine who, having seen Loose Change 2nd Edition, started to look further into the events of 911.

Whilst Loose Change may be a good watch to get you thinking, it’s not overly scientific. Here’s a few links which are more scientific in nature.

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  1. If you really think that the USA planned and orchestrated 9/11 you are truely derranged.