Well well well what a busy boy I have been.

I’ve spent the past couple of days – in-between digging clay out from beneath a polytunnel that is undergoing a resurection – creating all the gubbins behind the podcast I plan to launch next month.

There was me thinking it would take five minutes. But oh no… First there’s the logo and all in Photoshop (it’s very basic, but I like it), then hours wrestling with the CSS to try and get the layout right, then there’s the server on which I’m testing it crashing, then there’s the myriad of RSS feeds to tie up, iTunes to submit it to blah dee blah dee blah. Anyway, it’s all done, and I’ve even uploaded my pilot episode, which thankfully, iTunes managed to pick up. In fact I’ve just received an email from them telling me that it is now officially listed in the iTunes music store, picture and all! The first episode is 13 seconds long, saying “please come back next month”. Exciting stuff.

Oh, while I think of it, sometime in the next week Tame Goes Wild will be moving, from Canary Wharf in London, to some server in the US. In theory this will not result in any downtime, but knowing how these things usually go, it may dissapear from your screens for a while. The end result will hopefully mean no more crashes, and less money going out of my pocket. Go Daddy have amazing customer service, thoroughly reccommend them.

Ok, enough tech talk. So, the podcast… I’m thinking one 30-minute episode per week. Am yet to think of what to include – IDEAS PLEASE!! I’m thinking general updates on how life is going over there, gaijin alert incident reports (ooooooooohh), phone-in messages (arghh that means publishing my Skype i.d.) (not that it’s exactly tricky to find me as it is), interviews with …er …people? Dogs in tracksuits? (either face-to-face or via Skype, although I’m not sure how good dogs are at using Skype). Reviews of the best electronics stores …and 101 other ways to spend your scholarship. I’ll have to get *Twinkle* in on the action too, for a weekly Japanese lesson. Then of course there’s music, lots of free and legal tunes available on the podsafe music network…

Any more ideas?

It could of course be a pile of crap, but ultimately, this does not matter in the slightest. The fact is is that this is primarily an exercise in the development of confidence, a voyage into the world of broadcasting (albeit in a very small way). Whether or not I get an audience is not of great concern. Too big an audience would actually be a problem as my bandwidth is limited! Having said that, it would be delightful if I could entertain a few souls upon the way, as it does make me smile when I see others moving their facial muscles to perform such an action. That one too.

Anyway anyway if anyone has any idea of what you would like to hear on the podcast do let me know, as I’m clueless.

thankin you.


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  1. Already subscribed to the podcast, matey. Looking forward to it. The possibilities are endless, neh. I’ll put my thinking cap on and send you a mail. See ya soon!