Yes, mr. caterpillar. I am.

He was bloomin’ impressive I must say. Pretty fierce looking, but didn’t bite.

Anyway anyway what have I been up to? Well, been very busy as ususal. Kanji (up to 1,550 now, 492 to go), preparing data and downloading programs in anticipation of migration to the Mac (ordered this morning, due for delivery next week – can’t wait!), gravelling a section of garden, strimming, bought my travel insurance (special “year abroad” policy covers me for the brief trip back to the UK next summer for the wedding), sorted out accomodation in Tokyo (Ogikubo) (many thanks to *Twinkle* for finding it for me and David for paying the deposit in my absence), stockpiled more epilepsy drugs – and I pick up another 22 boxes (2,200 tablets) tomorrow – hurrah for free prescriptions! Let’s hope the authorities don’t accuse me of drug smuggling or the such like…

Today marks official entry into the legendry Three Week Time Zone. Time spent in such a time zone has been proven by scientists to go Extra Fast, especially if one still has 492 kanji to learn and one is going to be receiving a MacBook (and a 2GB Ipod nano for free incidentally). Believe me, from here on it’s one great big rollercoaster.

I hope time stands still at the weekend as that’s when I’ll be visiting *Twinkle*. If time doesn’t stand still, at least the Earth Will Move 😉 Something very special is happening on Sunday, about which I am forbidden from commenting, but which I’m soooo happy about.

Following a weekend up in Sheffield it’s back to my folks’ place for a few days to help them start building a porch – concrete smashing and the such like. Should be fun, I quite enjoyed helping them put the greenhouse up a couple of years back. Bonding and all that stuff you know.

Anyway, as you have probably gathered by now, I don’t really have anything of interest to tell you at the moment you, but hold onto your hats because the ride is about to begin!

what a cutey!