Wow. When it rains, it really rains. There’s a typhoon swinging in from the south west, and although the centre of it won’t actually come anywhere near Tokyo, it seems that we can’t escape its outer reaches. The damage in Okinawa and Kyushu has been pretty horrendous, the video footage shows all sorts of damage to town and countryside. Land slides are still fairly common it would seem – a fact I find quite remarkable, considering the enthusiasm of the Japanese concrete industry. On the other hand, were the land not so concreted over there would be more room for natural drainage, thus avoiding the channeling of tonnes of runoff into narrow concrete-lined rivers.

Feeling somewhat calmer now I have the suihanki (rice cooker) working – I could live off this 5kg sack of rice for a considerable length of time 🙂

Going to stay at the Hotel Kobayashi tonight; Tom and Miyu now have the title of ‘Occupiers of the largest residence in Tokyo of any of Joseph’s friends’. Tomorrow morning we’re all off to the new IKEA in Yokohama, where we’ll meet up with dear Emmie and Russ, who are on a Big Trip Out from Shimoda down on the south coast to furnish their exclusive residence. Tuesday is the final day of orientation at uni, and my little rabbit *Twinkle* should return from Kansai that day too.

I hope to start taking photos sometime soon.

Ho hum tiddly pom