Astonishing what new technology is capable of. NTT DoCoMo’s latest mobile phone, the snazzily named Foma D702iF has been carefully crafted with women in mind.

What you do is tell it when your next period is due, and it then predicts your cycle for the next year. Best of all, it emails you 3 days before you’re due to come on, and on the day itself, just to remind you you go out equipped. After all, you’ve only had the whole of your life since you were 12 to get into the rhythmn.

The experts, however, are not impressed. Dr. Kunio Kitamura, head of the Japan Family Planning Association was quoted as saying:

“If this is able to determine menstrual periods for a year in advance, it deserves to go into the Guinness Book of World Records. Women aren’t cyborgs and there’s no way the timing could be perfected so simply.
Who’s going to take responsibility if somebody, especially some young girl with almost no sex education, gets pregnant when she thinks that trusting her phone will make her safe from conception?”

On a similar note, I read this week that more and more Japanese women are suffering from “iku iku byou’, or Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, a condition which sees them orgasming 24 hours a day for no apparent reason. Some women claim that the vibration of their mobile phone is enough to set them off, whilst others say a mere tap on the shoulder more than they can bear.

Come to think of it, *Twinkle* shows signs of this condition. Mind you, that’s harldly surprising now is it…


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