It’s only tonight, watching a video tour of the Oval Office guided by the President that I truly appreciate what an idiot the man is. I mean, I know he’s an atrocious leader who loves nothing better than to inflict suffering on anyone who his military mates tell him they have a disliking of, but until now, having never seen any footage of him other than in news reports – excerpts of speeches etc – I had no image of him on a sort of personal level. However, watching that video (see the link on the right hand side of this page) I really do wonder how the hell such an inept ninkumpoop managed to get voted in. Surely the majority of American’s can’t be that stupid?

[nb: my best friend is American, as is my mother, my father, and my brother]

Of course what’s worse is that Blair has spent the last few years licking his arse. Where’s Hugh Grant when you need him most?

Bush Senior: “Son, you’re making the same mistake in Iraq that I made with your mother.

I didn’t pull out in time…

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  1. I know, it’s frightening.
    Every time i see him on the news i react in much the same way: “AUUUGH, that IDIOT!!!!!”

    Have to give some props to NBC though, lately they’ve seemed to delight in interviewing people who are very much against Bush’s “war”. I wonder if anyone else, especially those who have family stationed in Iraq, is extremely bothered by the fact that now Bush is saying he’ll come up with an exit strategy, and/or a way to win the war. Um…maybe you should have had that in the works
    5 years ago?!! (never mind that we shouldn’t be there in the first place…)