It’s amazing how quickly Wireless Internet Access has spread. These days, no matter where I go, I find an abundance of wireless networks floating around. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for unprotected wireless networks. It seems that most people have now caught on to the fact that an unsecured Wireless Network is not a good idea, as it means that people can download dinosaurs (should they be collectors of dinosaurs), leaving the person with the transmitter with all the bandwidth to invite 10 ants round for supper, provided they only come by one at a time. Internet dinosaurs take up a lot of bandwidth, due to the density of their bones.

This restaurant is quite typical of the average wireless environment: 5 networks, all protected. I wish people would be more imaginative with the names of their networks though. “137yhdjs873jdjdhd6s8893637494ddkd” is so dull. Next month should see the delivery of our Apple Airmac Extreme, yet to be released (I particularly like the idea of its Wireless USB capability, means I don’t have to use that ridiculously long USB cable for the printer / external hard drives anymore. Constantly falling over it…). Anyway, I was thinking of naming our network something like “try-connecting-to-this-network-and-your-computer-will-explode” or “stealing-your-neighbours-connection-will-result-in-doggy-doos-through-the-letter-box”. That’ll learn ’em.

Incidentally, did you know that all Mac’s with built-in AirPorts can act as wireless base stations, broadcasting as well as receiving? I only discovered that a couple of weeks ago. I may have told you that before, but it’s worth telling you again, if just for the pleasure of pressing this soft keys in that particular sequence once again.

I had a great time with the cappuccino machine earlier. It did its huffing and puffing, lots of nice frothy milk – then it stopped. I thought it was a bit odd, I mean, there was no coffee in my coffee. Oh well, hot milk will do… walking away I heard the sound of hot coffee going down the drain as the machine went into phase two of the cappuccino-making-process. The woman at the table next to mine, who had observed the entire incident, tried not to laugh.

You can see what an uphill struggle it is, this trying to convince myself I’m not a idiot business.

Anyhow, back to the kanji.

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