The first first is that I start work for the first time in a long time, tomorrow. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I’ve got my old teaching job back, the one I had in 2002/2003, and handed over to my friend Tom when I returned to the UK. It’s time for Tom to move on, and thus I’ll be taking back the reigns. It’s kinda perfect actually, as finances are tight, and I’ve been thinking I should get a job (and of course, legally, I have permission to work for a change). The one thing that was stopping me was, well, most jobs that are flexible in terms of working hours, and don’t require long contracts, are pretty poorly paid, and time is something I don’t want to dispose of unless it’s really worth it. However, with this paying 3000 yen (£12.60) an hour plus transport, it’s worth it. An extra £50 a week will go a long way.

The second first is that I’ll be going snowboarding for the first time since I first tried back in 1997 ish. This time I will persevere, and not give up after half an hour.

The third first is that I have been bought my first pair of thermal leggings, thus officially making me Old. I am delighted by them. I also received some new boxer shorts, which apparently stay dry even when wet. I’m not sure what *Twinkle’s* getting at there by buying them for me.

The BBC’s Planet Earth is on NHK (who partly funded the making of it), and I would dearly love to watch it. You know what though, it’s just not the same without Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS. And I have a tonne of things to do.

Men in Black is on the other channel. Haven’t seen that in years. Nice English film to round off the weekend. If I felt able to make it a priority.

*Twinkle* seems to be paying rather a lot of attention to the big wedding directory I bought in order to carry out some research for my project. Hmmm.

Just had a earthquake. 4.5, centre in Kanagawa ken. It’s unnerving when concrete makes noises that only trees should make.