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I yearn to make films.

One of my dreams is to be a film maker. Productions that are arty, informative, challenging, beautiful, moving.

This feeling has been growing for a long time. Many years. The past 5 months or so though have seen this desire to create a beautiful collage of moving images and sound really take off. Think back to what happened then and you can probably guess what the influence has been.

I have taken the first steps.

The first is my Audio-visual podcast, which although not in the least bit professional, is something I am absolutely delighted to be producing. It’s fun. I like it.

I’ve also had my first photo-book professionally printed: a Valentine’s Day present for *Twinkle*. It’s only a little paperback, but nonetheless, I love it (and so does she!). I think it’s the possibilities that it symbolises more than anything else that I love.

I will make films. It won’t happen for a while yet – I can’t afford another (higher-spec) Mac at the moment! – but in the meantime I’ll experiment, continue to learn, play around, and soak up the pure magic that so many people around me are conjuring up on the screen, across the airwaves, before my very eyes.

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One Response

  1. You dream of making movies, I dream of soundtracking them (‘Musical Director’ I think is the official term…)…hmmmmmm.