Wow! It was a proper orchestra, with, like, three million musicians, and a conductor who was completely mad!

Our free tickets had us sitting only four rows from the stage in that HUGE hall. Fantastic stuff! Amazing how together they could make such a beautiful noise. Until today I thought that only CDs were capable of such a thing.

Oh oh oh and the soloist – my God, she was singing just like they do in those operas on TV, like real proper singing. I’d never have believed a little Japanese girl could be so loud unless I’d heard it with my own ears.

The conductor really was mad. Fascinating to watch, such passion. Lacking in long hair though, shame.

Met the 7th member of our Trailwalker team tonight, nice chap.

Back’s showing no sign of letting up, might go for an xray in the morning. Hurrah for insurance.

[Edit] Definitely going to the doc in the morning. I forgot that we have a medical centre on campus, where I have to go anyway.