This has to be one of the funniest practical jokes I’ve ever seen, especially the second half. Only in Japan?

(I’m just glad they weren’t trying it out last week at the ski resort we were staying at!)

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    I made the mistake of watching that in the library :S my snorting and banging the desk with my fist got some rather strange looks I can tell you! 😉

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  2. The main problem I have with these things is that, at least some of them if not all, are clearly faked.

    You can tell by the way the first guy kept rolling over again and again that he was doing it on purpose. No one would naturally tumble that much (there wasn’t enough force).

    You see similar sorts of fakery in a lot of the humor variety shows which deal out humiliation as part of the schtick.

  3. You know, that had never even occured to me!

    I suppose it makes sense really, I mean, these are pretty dangerous stunts…! I’m not sure how funny I’d find it if I was unwittingly made to throw a cup of boiling hot tea over my face before being blasted out on some uncontrollable sledge…!