Caw blimey gov I’ve got another part time job! Totally flexible, in that I can work pretty much whatever hours I want, pay not that bad, but most importantly, in a nice environment and for a good cause: in the Oxfam Japan Office, helping with the preparation for the 100km Trailwalker hike!

This is jolly good news, as money has been somewhat problematic of late. Although, having said that, I sold a book on Amazon today for £60! Mind you, it is a fantastic book, and currently out of print, so not all that surprising. And I provide excellent service, what with international delivery guaranteed within 7 days of the order being placed. Certainly beats the 3-6 weeks Amazon offer.

I note that someone in Sheffield has put their copy of Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji Vol 1 on Amazon for £70. A month ago I would have said they wouldn’t have a chance, but having seen several books by that author being sold for astronomical prices of late I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

We’re getting a food processor tomorrow. I’ve missed having one, used to use it a lot in Sheffield. Very handy for soup, and cakes – I can now make light banana cakes, not just ones that have lead weights embedded in them.

I made the silly mistake of leaning my head forward in the Oxfam office tonight (post one-day Oxfam shop meeting) – out came the fluid! There was me thinking I’d drained the lot. Most embarrassing.

*Twinkle* made a serious decision at the weekend. Today she’s acted on it. I am nervously awaiting the results. No messages, no phone calls. No news is good news?

Anyway, we’re about to arrive at my station now, so I’d best be off.


There’s no escaping the bastards. Tesco Jam in my local supermarket.