Wow. What a weekend.

You know what, I went to a talk tonight by Robert Kiyosaki’s interpreter (Robert Kiyosaki being the author of the No.1 Best Sellers Rich Dad Poor Dad (1 & 2), and I understood almost everything that was said. Bloody hell I thought, this university thing is really working. My speaking can be technically classified as shite, but my listening is really improving. Hhm, the gulf between the two is unbelievable. It’s only natural. Just look at Japanese people who teach English in Japan. They can’t speak a bloomin word. The acquisition of the new mic has encouraged me to commit more vocab and grammar to iPod, and I’ve met soooooo many people recently, it’s really been great.

I’m really trying so damn hard to overcome my fears. It’s a desperate fight. Whether it’s kanji, grammar, or business, if I don’t beat these bastards inside me I will not achieve all I want to achieve. I do still want to graduate with a First, no matter how many other things I want to do this year.

I think finding the right balance is possibly the most difficult challenge I face, and that’s something that I really want to work on. Time management, I will study it. I believe it’s a skill that can be learnt. As soon as I’ve finished all the other damn books.


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