Wow. Things really are rollercoaster-esque at the moment.

It’s good though. It’s a result of being forced out of our comfort zones in a bid to better ourselves.

One major factor is *Twinkle*’s new-found confidence, the coming into bud of which is an absolute delight to behold, whilst also being shit scary. It often happens this way though, when a partner trades their old role in for a new, far more powerful one. The power struggles are almost comical at times. I’m trying hard to adapt to the situation, and I know we’ll get there. It’s good for me to be made to feel inadequate, I mean, I can’t always be wonderful at everything can I?

It would be nice to live in a slighter bigger house though, to allow for our two egos battling it out.

There’s the challenge of uni too – I note from my friend’s blogs that I am not the only one finding this semester the toughest yet ever (and we’re only 8 days into it!). I’m just grateful I don’t have know-it-all classmates, and that all teachers at Rikkyo are so damn nice.

I am gonna get through this, and I’m gonna do well. This is all good. No pain, no gain.