Well, that was quite an experience…

Last month, as usual, I went to my local Sen Yen barber (£5 barber), for the normal cut. One of the reasons it’s so cheap is that the service is minimal, I mean, they just cut you hair, and then vacuum your head afterwards. There’s no reception desk, instead there’s a vending machine that you put your money in. Once you’ve paid, you sit down on the chair at the end of line, and everytime someone’s done you all shufty along one place – a bit like musical chairs (but without the music).

Last month, there was a chap working there I’d not seen before. There was also no-one waiting – unusual I thought. Still, in I went, and out I came with a hair cut that I wasn’t overly impressed with, but didn’t think that much about it.

Until I saw my mate Tom.

Did you cut your own hair?

No, no, I went to the sen yen barber.

What? You paid for that?!! You’re kidding!!

I later checked it out properly in the bathroom mirror – it was pretty appalling.

A few weeks have passed, but the damage is slow to grow out. Anyway, what with the filming for my national TV debut tomorrow, I figured I should at least try and get it fixed. Thus, last night I set out to search the local area for another barber / beauty parlour place – we’ve been here 6 months but I’ve hardly strayed from the path that leads directly to our house from the station.

I found one just the other side of the railway. It was a bit expensive, but the owner seemed pretty nice, easy to talk to. We chatted for a while, and I made my appointment.

This morning I turned up for my cut, and was greeted by a chorus of irrashaimases, uttered by a collection of pretty lovely ladies armed with scissors.

Tell you what, it was well worth the price. I was treated like a king. Taken from chair to chair for different procedures, fussed about by several ladies, and entertained with idle banter.

It was after the cut, and the tea, and the chocolates, that the service really started…

I must admit, I was pretty surprised when I was asked if I liked being massaged.

My mind went back to the last time I was asked that by a stranger in Japan, it was on the streets of Roppongi, and soon after replying in the affirmative I found myself in a great den of sex. Which I ran away from.

However, on answering in the affirmative today, a bed didn’t unfold from the giant mirrored wall, and the whips weren’t brought out. Instead, I received a very nice massage – although I was a bit curious where she got her hitting-the-customer-on-the-head technique from.

We have a garden! Last night, whilst on my tour of the local area, I found a mini-garden centre. I couldn’t resist but to buy 3 tomato plants, two aubergine plants and some kind of pea plants. In the other tub I have planted a selection of lovely pink, purple and blue flowery plants. They look a bit scraggly but I’m delighted with them!

Anyway, must get on. A zillion things to do today! Oh, it’s a national holiday today by the way, bloomin gorgeous. Highs of 27 degrees, me’s happy!