Could this be my big break in Japan? I’ve been on TV over here a couple of times, but never in an acting role.

I just got a call from an NHK producer (the NHK being Japan’s equivalent of the UK’s BBC) about a program that’s being filmed next week. They’ll get back to me tomorrow.

What what Year Abroad Project?!



I made it! The other hopefuls must have been really ugly for them to choose a big-nosed monkey like me out of ten! Filming starts Tuesday. (Ends Tuesday as well!)

I’ve been told “Dress university style, jeans OK but no koshi pan”

[KOSHIPAN] (abbr) (sl) wearing one’s pants low (so that they hang from the hip rather than the waist), pants worn in such a manner

It’s not that they should be worrying about, it’s the face…