I don’t like it when I feel I’m losing my grip. Too many things to do, too little time.

I think it’s pretty much been brought on by tomorrow’s placement exam, a harsh wake-up call after a 11-week holiday. I need to revise, I want to podcast. I need to prepare for tonight’s English lessons, I want to read my book.

*Twinkle*’s unemployed status is a little unnerving too. We’ve got enough money to live on for a little while without her working, but nonetheless.

Anyway, it may be a while before I post again. And there’s unlikely to be much new about cherry blossom viewing parties and things round here – but a quick google search will reveal many thousands of entries penned by others sitting under the pink. There also won’t be much by way of a description of last Sunday’s hike, which was great fun.

Nor will there be my thoughts on the murder of a British girl here in Tokyo last week.

I’m implementing some time-management processes as recommended by Merlin Mann, those tips on how to deal with your inbox have been especially useful. I have had my mail program to check for new messages every minute for the past 3 years – now, shock horror, it’s only doing it once every 30 minutes.

It’s difficult at times like this to not resent life – but then one just have to remember that essentially it’s not like that at all. Life is always the same, it’s just what you choose to make of it that differs.

I have had some very good news lately – the results of dad’s angiagram. The docs have decided operating, instead opting for a change in medication. Dad has also decided to work hard on his attitude towards what he can and cannot do – he has a tendency to never stop even when his body is screaming to him that it’s not 20-years-old anymore. This is great news. Well done dad.