Episode 10: Trailwalker Special Out Now!

In Episode 10 of the first ever podcast to break the world record for the number of hours spent being edited, Joseph whisks you away into the world of The Blisters and the Longlegs, a.k.a. The Trailwalkers.

100km. 7 mountain peaks. A 3500 meter climb. 31 hours. Without sleep.

It was an epic adventure, and you can hear all about it in episode 10 of A Year in Japan. Includes live recordings made during the event itself, bringing you all the drama of the those dark and desperate hours.

There’s also a brief news update, some shout-outs, and some worrying episodes of presenter madness.

You cannot afford to NOT listen to this show!

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Links to stuff I mention in the show:

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The situation in Sudan

Epilepsy update

I’ve been pretty much seizure free for quite a while now, with the exception of the few episodes I had at the gym following some knackering workouts. Just been taking my nice purple pills (Epilim Chrono), 700mg every night.

This past week though has been very different. I’ve lost count of the number of ‘dizzy spells’ I’ve had since I finished the Trailwalk. It’s mightily odd, and has led me to try and figure out what changes might have brought this on.

There’s only two things I can think of. One is the fact that now the stress of the event is over my body feels able to let go of the reigns, to no longer hold it all back, to fit away happy as larry. Its not unusual for that to happen, but what is unusual is that it’s carrying on for more than a few days.

The only other change I can think of is my diet. My temporal lobe epilepsy is ultra-sensitive to tiredness, and thus it’s essential that I eat well, keep my energy levels up. I haven’t actually changed what I eat at mealtimes, but I have cut right back on my intake of the organic multi-vitamins and protein I’ve been taking (the lack of nutrients in today’s fruit and veg [link] is a problem that is only going to get worse as the years go by, especially in places like Japan. Hence my burning desire to have my own organic vegee garden). In fact, after the Trailwalk I stopped taking supplements altogether for a couple of days, as I kind of splurged following the event, incapable of rational thought.

I remember a couple of years back when it was suggested to me that multi-vitamins and a protein supplement might help me deal with my epilepsy in a natural way (as a vegetarian a lack of protein in my diet can be an issue, especially in Japan where organic nuts and seeds are ridiculously expensive). At the time I thought that this was highly unlikely, but recently, having learned a bit more about just how complex our bodies are, I can see that ensuring I’m getting enough nutrients / protein could have a profound effect on my overall wellbeing. I’m not saying that natural supplements alone can control my epilepsy (unfortunately), but I am beginning to think that they could play an important role in my management program.

Thus, the experiment begins. From now on I shall be making sure I take them every day, as I did pre-Trailwalk.

I know that a few of my readers have epilepsy, thus, I’ll keep you posted.

Mongolia reaches its bandwidth limit

It doesn’t really inspire confidence when you come across the following message whilst attempting to access an Embassy website in order to apply for a visa.

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
Apache/1.3.37 Server at www.mongemb-jp.com Port 80

Mind you, the Russians aren’t much better off than the Mongolians. 10 minutes after clicking on the link to the consular section I’m still waiting for a response from the server…

Is this a sign of things to come?

Departure date set for 11th August, arrival in London 30 days later.

Lots of stuff happening in between.

Hold the front page!

Yay, famous again!

We (the Trailwalkers) made it on to the front page of the Sheffield Uni website! Well, at least a link to a press release by the media centre. See http://www.sheffield.ac.uk and look bottom right for the link.

The whole story can be found at


Exciting stuff!

In other good Trailwalker news – I can almost walk properly again!