So, it’s the end of “Golden Week”, one of Japan’s longest holidays of the year. So that’ll be four days off, followed by two days in the office, then another four days off, won’t it? One has to wonder who came up with the crackpot idea to go in on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

I was naughty, I skipped uni on both days.

At the beginning of the week I was really pooing my pants, so much homework to do, and so little time to do it in. I had the Sheffield thing on, the research for the BBC into toilet seats catching fire, the hours spent grooming my right ear for its NHK TV debut, two full-day training treks for the trailwalker, a day in Saitama being healed (more on that on the podcast), the mammouth Year Abroad Project, a whole pile of homework for Rikkyo uni, oh, and the odd meal or two.

Well, fortune really smiled on me. Firstly, thanks to a temporarily broken back (which is much better now, thanks), I was unable to go hiking Thursday, which although left me very disappointed at the time, did actually mean I was able to get my project finished by Friday night. Today’s hike was rained off in the end, giving me another full day in which to catch up on all that homework, AND spend a good few hours in bed with my cutey watching “Finding Neverland”, which had me in tears. Lovely film. It’s rare that we have time to relax together these days, so it was a real treat. having said that, we did go for a picnic in Shinjuku gyouen yesterday (Children’s Day).

Having had a week off exercising due to my back problems and all, I was a bit worried that I would have lost all my hard-won fitness, but no: tonight I broke my all-time press-up record by doing a world-record breaking 36 in a row!

My book-retailing business continues to do well: yesterday at 3pm I bought a book for £10 (US$20) – by 5pm I’d sold it for three times that amount to someone who lived only a couple of miles from the place I’d bought it from! I’ve made a few hundred pounds profit over the past couple of months on books now. My customers are always happy too as I ALWAYS offer the lowest prices.

I’d really like to get another podcast episode out, just a bit too busy at the mo. Oh, check out the latest Ouch podcast for my contribution via my mobile.

Basically, LIFE IS GREAT! I’m a happy bunny. A happy bunny going to bed now.