Wow. This pain is quite extraordinary.

It was early yesterday evening, as I was sitting here working on my project, that I first noticed the twinge in my spine. By midnight, the pain was considerable, and didn’t fade all that much even when I lay down to sleep. Waking up this morning it’s excruciating. When sitting in an upright position the entire area around my lungs, front and back, really really hurts, in a making-you-gasp-for-breath-in-shock type way, and I cannot bend over at all due to the pain in my spine.

I’m guessing, based on the way the pain gradually increased, that it’s some kind of inflammation. I’m trying to think of anything I may have done yesterday that may have triggered it, but have drawn a blank. It’s a similar pain to that that I had for a while after my snow-board backflip onto a rock in February, yet much more intense and with no discernible focus.

I think I’m gonna have to go and see my favorite doc again and get some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hurrah for national health insurance.