It’s been quite a comical week, if one looks on it from the point of view of a camera being used to film a Hollywood comedy in which the main character repeatedly tries to find opportunities to propose to his girlfriend, but is repeatedly frustrated by the occurrence of unexpected events.

Finally, however, he manages it, although not quite in the style he was initially planning on.

Full details will be revealed in due course.

However, the administration of a few bottles of brandy to the somewhat ‘surprised’ *Twinkle* finally brought about a favorable response – we are very happy to announce that…

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10 Responses

  1. Thank you!!

    I felt so nervous asking her, and despite this having been on the cards for some time she was genuinely surprised, although thankfully not quite in the ‘shocked’ manner of the first photo!

  2. Congratulations. 🙂

    I’ll be looking forward with great interest to hearing how the wedding details play out.

  3. Hoorah for you both! Not entirely unexpected but congratulations, congratulations! Well done!

  4. Shari, thank you, I shall keep you informed!

    Anonymous, good to hear from you again, and thank you. Where should I send you invite? 🙂

  5. Joseph, how does one go about getting married in Japan? Can I just turn up at some kind of registry office with my girlfriend and get married there and then?


  6. Congratulations! 😀 Like Anonymous said, not entirely unexpected, and like Shari said, I’m looking forward to seeing how the wedding details go! Give my regards to Twinkle!

  7. congratulations to you both! as i listened to the last couple of your podcasts … you sounded sad about returning to the uk but i wondered what would happen with twinkle … so happy that you are on the way to being together for good. i wish you a super slow trip back to the uk and speedy return to japan. enjoy happily ever after … oh, and i have REALLY enjoyed the podcast!!!

  8. Thanks Amelia and Anon!

    (another podcast episode coming out at the end of next week I hope!)