Please, everyone who can, see this film, and then tell me what it’s like, because it’s not on release here in Japan.

I just bought the soundtrack. It’s my favourite kind of music.

I think this has just become one of my favourite films of all time, and I’ve not even seen it yet. It’s the love. You can’t help but be touched by it. Watch the Trailer, or for a taste of the music check out the live performance below.

This afternoon, I was in the bathroom filling up a bucket with water to feed our 6 foot tomato plants. I’m not quite sure what happened, but suddenly, I was in my parents’ bathroom in Orcop, England. The hard plastic floor was replaced by the worn yet fluffy carpet. The shower curtain appeared, the window opened up in the featureless wall.

It was as I stood there, looking out through the frosted glass, that I remembered that one of my passions is singing. I’m not a good singer at all, and tend to only sing a couple of songs when at karaoke, voice frequently breaking when I leave my narrow comfort zone. Thus, I would like to have singing lessons at some point in the future. Hhmm, and I shouldn’t really have given up the guitar 16 years ago!

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  1. I saw this film in Ireland earlier this year and it is very good indeed…I guess it depends on your opinion on musicals generally…but, yes, it’s good. Not sure what it’s out in the UK though.